Trust me, I’m an HR specialist too. I know exactly what it’s like trying to make it to the bottom of your to-do list every day without a decent system in place to assist you.


Here are 12 HR headaches that are really signs you need some tech help to get your job done:


1. You lost track of all your excel spreadsheets.


 I see spreadsheets everywhere


2. Your week starts on Sunday because you need to prepare “that” report for first-thing Monday morning – every week!


Homer Simpson - why must life be so hard


3. Everyone thinks your team is only there to do paper work, instead of actively supporting the people in your organisation.


Super fast paperwork


4. Some members of your team are so embedded in spreadsheets that they talk in Excel functions.


I know her - She's the pivot table queen. Buddy the elf


5. You’re sure you know where “that” document is, you just saw it, and it will only take you a few minutes to find it… …but three days later, it’s still missing!


Southpark - paperwork frenzy


6. You have an audit in one hour and there’s one manager who didn’t sign the document you asked them to authorise two months ago – and of course today they’re not in.


Fry - Not sure if deceased or just unresponsive


7. Employees still need to fill in a form if they want to change their personal details …and then you have to manually enter the info into five different spreadsheets.


Did you fill out your form


8. You are tired of asking managers four times to send you their team’s time off report: Every. Single. Month.


Timesheets please - says grumpy cat vader


9. People seem to ask how many days holidays they have left Every five minutes!



10. You are spending most of your time on your computer rather than with the actual humans in your company.


Jim Carey typing furiously


11. You hate the reaction from your team when you ask them to update employee records, as you know it takes hours.


biggest eye roll


12. the biggest reason you need a good HR system is because this is your life:







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