“Onboarding is the most important process to a great candidate experience”, says Mervyn Dinnen, HR and Talent Analyst. How new hires feel on and after their first day can have major implications for their long-term success; up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days.











At our last HR, Talent, & People Professionals Meetup our expert speakers, Jessica Hayes and Mervyn Dinnen, shared useful insights from their personal and work experiences on how to get the onboarding process right.


Be transparent in order to build trust

When new hires are joining your company, they will have a ton of questions. Employee onboarding needs to be an open and transparent process. You should be able to answer all the candidate’s questions and give them all the necessary information about their new workplace. If your new hire doesn’t trust you, it will be difficult to establish a productive relationship with them.


Share your company’s mission to engage

The better the employees understand and align with the company’s mission and strategy, the higher the chances are of them staying on board. A clear vision statement will help you connect and engage with your newest hires. To keep everyone on the same page, you should also try to understand the employee’s perception. Jessica from Wonderbly stated that one way her company does this is by scheduling one on one conversations with the CEO and the new joiner.


Foster a great team culture

Another critical step to take during the onboarding process is to understand how the new hire’s team works. Your responsibility is to help all members of your organisation really connect with each other. One of our event attendants told a story about how after she joined  a new company in a foreign country, her work colleagues became her family. You can easily start reinforcing your company culture by using engagement tools like bob or digital communication platforms like Slack.


Don’t stress, no employee onboarding process is perfect; it’s adaptable. Every new hire provides an opportunity to make this process better.


We would love to hear from you about your experiences! Also, join us for our next Meetup: The Talent War: Company culture is key to attracting the right employees.



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