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Consider your business bolstered.

All technology is not created equal. If yours currently feels like a clunky filing system full of old employee records, messy spreadsheets and blah blah blah, it’s time to wake up and smell the software, because it should rock your world.


“A data-driven HR platform that’s built for real people will transform your organisation” [Tweet it]


A data-driven HR platform that’s built for real people will totally transform your organisation and the benefits go beyond promoting efficiency. Your whole business will be strengthened, and here’s how:


1. Bigger bottom line

According to Sierra-Cedar’s ‘2016-2017 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 19th Annual Edition’, SMBs with higher-than-average adoption HR technology see greater revenue per employee and generally higher business outcomes. The results also suggest these firms are ‘10 times more likely to be in the top 10% of organisations when it comes to Social Responsibility initiatives’.


Adopting an intuitive cloud-based system not only relieves the burden of menial, labour-intensive tasks, but allows for smooth operations to support HR in taking on a more strategic management role. Extracting and storing useful employee information makes for insightful data, which can be used to generate reports that reveal compelling company trends at a moment’s notice.


2. Stronger workplace culture

Company culture isn’t built overnight. It also runs a lot deeper than corporate values painted on a wall, the occasional after-work drink and a pool table in the boardroom. It’s grown over time and according to a recent Deloitte survey of millennials, is directly linked to employee loyalty.


Your HR software should help you record and dissect your company DNA, allowing for greater understanding of the individuals who make up your team. Here at bob, we’ve taken the guesswork out of creating a great company culture by incorporating bespoke interviews as part of the employee onboarding feature. We can then connect people through bob Clubs, based on the things they’re passionate about.


Brilliant HR software will also act like a central hub for employee communications, keeping people up to date on celebrations, successes and current affairs affecting the organisation. Keeping employees connected fosters togetherness and strong sense of community.


3. Increased employee satisfaction

HR software that’s built to understand and manage humans offers employees a more tailored experience. Thorough and well-maintained employee data allows businesses to make key decisions about employee-related matters, like which employee benefits to offer. The result? An organisation full of people who feel valued.


In addition, streamlining for payroll, leave entitlements and onboarding, together with offering more self-service options, can also result in a greater overall sense of employee engagement and satisfaction. Cloud-based technology allows businesses to develop meaningful relationships with employees, providing access to more company data and information, building trust through transparency.


4. Fewer errors and better compliance

HR professionals are constantly spinning multiple plates, and with a lack of support from a reliable management platform, can live in fear of making critical or costly errors. According to KPMG’s article on ‘HR Operating Models – the Next Generation’, clever emerging technologies in HR can minimize human errors and free ‘up HR staff to work on more complex issues’.


Brilliant HR technology that complements your day-to-day adds another layer of protection, allowing HR professionals to maintain good control and oversight.


As technology continues to redefine the human capital landscape at a rapid pace, embracing it will keep you ahead of the pack. To become one of the organisations at the forefront of digital innovation, come say ‘hi’ to the bob team. You’ll never look back!



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