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An online money transfer company for people working abroad who want to send money back home without paying excessive bank fees

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A great example of fintech innovation, TransferGo has made it possible for families all over the world to prosper as a result of money sent home to them by relatives working abroad. The company has quickly gone global, with money transfer services now covering 45 countries and 22 currencies.

The challenge

Fast increasing volumes of business meant that this startup hired 35% more people and opened new offices over 12 months, putting pressure on its HR team.Jolanta JurgaityteHead of HR And without centralised tools in place for managing their people, the team was manually creating reports and key documents, and trying to keep tabs on new hires using disjointed processes. They knew they needed more robust, automated, people-centered ways of working that were in line with their evolving business strategy.

Our solution

We worked with TransferGo’s head of HR to embed bob at the heart of their people management processes. They quickly began using bob’s many features: such as the org chart for planning and organisation and document store for finding and sharing key files.

We wanted to introduce a new tool that our people would get excited about using. So we chose bob.
Jolanta Jurgaityte Head of HR
bob’s rich employee data is helping the company to communicate more efficiently and stay on top of employee milestones like salary changes and work anniversaries. And bob’s workflows are helping TransferGo to both automate and customise their people processes to their unique needs.

The result

● The automation and easy communication that bob has introduced has given managers 10% more time in their day, which they’re using to focus on what matters: their people.

● More people are using bob around the business for daily tasks and communication – and feedback about the system’s design and usability has been extremely positive.

● Managers can now make better decisions more quickly using valuable real-time info about their people.

● bob’s all-in-one system is enabling TransferGo to scale up with added features as the company sees fit.

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We believe that successful businesses have one thing in common: good people who feel valued.
And that fast- growing modern businesses need a better way of ‘doing HR’ to attract and keep real talent.

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