a special event for social media week

Thursday 15th September 2016 (6.30pm-8.30pm)

WeWork, Corsham Street, London N1 6DR

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HR communications are changing. From WhatsApp and Slack for team broadcasts and discussions, to socialised business and people management tools (like hibob), social media and socialised platforms are the new normal.

Join this engaging panel session, featuring speakers from the digital and HR worlds as we explore the way that social media has been picked up by the new wave of HR and Talent Management professionals.

We’ll be exploring some important questions:

  • What does this mean for the traditional role of human resources and talent management?
  • How do digital tools increase the level of human connection in a historically arms-length industry?
  • What roles can socialised tools play in making HR more strategic, and less administrative, as a business function?
  • Is there a simple way to adopt a more digitally connected way of working?
  • How can we easily bring our colleagues and management on this journey with us?

Learn from the experience of others, share your own lessons, and ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Stay for drinks and networking.

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speakers include:

Andy Bellass – Co-Founder, hibob

Marian Bloodworth – Tech HR Lawyer, Kemp Little

Nick Matthews – People Analytics Specialist, Culture Amp

Phoebe Spinks – Editor, UndercoverRecruiter.com

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About Joanna

Joanna is a journalist and a passionate advocate for Social Media. She truly believes the more digital we become, the more human we must be. Social media gives people the chance to feel part of a community and create genuine human connections.

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