Grow your practice with bob. Webinar 3rd November


Thursday 3rd November 2016 (10.00am-10.30am)

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There are 5.4M SMEs in the UK, and they all have one thing in common: their accountant is their most trusted advisor. As the demands on your practice increase, with clients expecting more for less, we’ll show you how to improve your daily operations and offer additional revenue-generating services to your clients.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll be introduced to a new platform that will allow you to:

  • Create an additional service offering for your practice
  • Assist your clients with one of their biggest monthly accounting tasks
  • Save yourself time in managing the payroll processes you already handle on your clients’ behalf, and;
  • Deal with pensions auto-enrolment for your clients with less admin and stress (on either side!).

We’ll also be looking at how bob can help your clients, by sorting their time-consuming People Stuff. With bob your clients can streamline their onboarding process, manage their benefits, Time Off, organise their reports and engage their biggest asset, their people.

When your clients use bob, you can streamline the collection of their dreaded monthly payroll report, and manage the ongoing admin brought about by auto-enrolment. You can also offer an exciting new platform and service to them, with little effort from you.

Make your life (and theirs) easier with the simplest most elegant HR solution your clients will ever use.  

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