At our last HR, Talent, & People Professionals Meetup, our expert panelists came together to speak about the whats and hows of growing a startup from Seed, through Series A to Series B. 


The evening was full of questions, laughter, and insight into each individual’s experiences with scaling a startup and helping startups grow.


Here are some key questions that were answered during the event: 


How do you scale culture? How do you prevent it from diluting?

One of the hardest things to do while growing a company is preventing your culture from diluting. The best way to scale your culture is to articulate your company’s values, what the core purpose of the company is and to always be transparent. Sometimes, it is better to have someone external speak to people at all levels of the company to get this right. Make sure that the values you articulate are more than just words, but have meaning behind them.


How is HR tech helping companies in growth mode?

The concept of HR normally sits in the back office, whereas high growth tech companies have a Head of Talent who sits at the table and is part of the strategic team. These individuals need evidence and data to support the decisions they make around talent as the company grows. HR tech does just that, it provides people working in HR at these companies the data and insights they need to present to the rest of the team. HR Tech also frees up their time so that they can focus more on their people and less on administrative work.


What are the key points to remember around hiring? How can you keep these people happy when things are constantly changing?

When you are hiring for your growing company, make sure to hire people that are smarter than you and better than you in areas you don’t know much about.  Great quality people can do a lot; Instagram sold to Facebook with only 13 employees. Hiring an attitude that fits your culture is also key to growing a company you like.

In today’s world of work, individuals value learning and personal development over financial gain. To keep people happy, create an environment that sets new hires up for their first couple of months, and empowers them to take ownership of projects. If you aren’t keeping people outside of their comfort zone enough for them to perform, they will find somewhere else to go.

Lastly, always leave yourself time to think about how you want your people to feel.


Put People First

Everyone agreed that the most important thing you can do while scaling a startup is to care about the people you are working with; putting people first does the right thing for you and your business in the long term.


Join us next time

Click here to join us at our next event to learn how to get the onboarding process right with Jessica Hayes, Head of People, Culture and Talent at Wonderbly and and Mervyn Dinnen, Onboarding Specialist and Author of Exceptional Talent.



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