We are in the midst of huge talent crisis. Every day we meet businesses that tell us about the exponential growth they are seeing in staff churn rates and the subsequent cost, culture and productivity implications of that to their business.


Then, when the ranting stops, the questions flow: “Why are people leaving?” “What do or don’t they like about the company?”, and most importantly: “How can I get to grips with this problem before it’s too late?”.


Knowledge is power

The start point of ‘getting to grips’ means one thing: KNOWLEDGE. Being able to get a deep understanding of your business and the people in it. Knowing how they feel; if they are engaged; how they feel about their development or their first month in the business.


Surveys – A new knowledge tool

We believe having access to this knowledge is critical to our mission to help businesses more effectively manage, engage and retain their staff, and so we have developed bob Surveys.This is a fundamental research tool built directly into the bob platform, and we are very proud to launch an early access version of Surveys to a few of our customers.


How does it work?

Firstly, as with everything in bob, it is really simple to set up and use, delivers really valuable insights which are reported automatically in a beautiful way – all wrapped in a good-looking and highly engaging visual design. The unique thing about using bob to run your company surveys is the fact that bob already holds your basic employees’ info, this allows you to view results by departments, company sites, gender and length of service in the company. As part of the results view, we have also added a display called “correlations.” This is a smart tool that finds similar patterns in the way your employees answer different questions and helps you focus on specific areas and ways you can improve your employee’s engagement and happiness. 


Getting started

Setting up couldn’t be easier. As an admin (with the right permissions), you simply log in to bob; go to Surveys; choose the type of Survey you want to run; decide who you want to send it to; who you want to send it from, and the time period for answers. Then hit ‘send’ and it’ll go out to your employees.


Asking the right questions

To give you maximum impact, as easily as possible, we have created several off-the-shelf surveys designed by a leading organizational surveys expert. You can choose between survey topics and depth of information.

From discovering your employees’ emotional connection to your company via the Basic Engagement Survey, to finding out how new employees experience your company’s onboarding process via the First Month Onboarding Survey, there is a wealth of opportunity to gain the critical knowledge needed to get on the front foot in the talent crisis.

Want early access to bob Surveys? Click here to contact us and request an invitation. 

Andy Bellass

from Andy Bellass

Andy Bellass is Co-Founder and CMO at hibob, and has more than 25 years of experience in strategic brand building. He has helped define, shape and launch some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands, including the likes of Coca-Cola and Spotify. He’s a former Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Splendid Communications, Strategy Director at creative hotshop Mother and prior to setting up hibob, Andy spent several years advising VCs and startups in Silicon Valley and Israel. He lives in London with his wife, two children and eight bikes. Read more from Andy Bellass here.