custom clubs

Create your own clubs

Everyone loves Clubs (it’s okay – we do too), so we’re making them even better.


Now you can add data of your choice to the Clubs view.


When you log in to bob, you’ll see a ‘custom’ option on the bottom left of your Clubs view. Click that link and choose which of the other data points you’d like to show. You might be surprised by some of the results!


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Set dual approvers for Time Off

Set up dual approvals for Time Off

We had a client request for this one.


Quite a few companies have a two-tier holiday approvals system, so they asked us to make that possible in bob.


If you want to set it up for yourself, there’s a simple toggle in the Time Off settings page. As a default, dual approver is switched OFF, so you only need to take action if you want to use it.


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reports relocation

reports are in... ...reports

We’ve made a simple change to reports that makes things just that little bit better for you.


Now, when you go to My Reports and click to view any of your saved reports, they will open in their own page (just like the one above).


What this means is that the filters you’ve applied in the People tab won’t be changed by viewing a live report.


We like to give you a little something extra every now and then.


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