At any time, you can log into bob and run or schedule a report that tells you what’s happening with your people right now – whether that’s total head count, departmental salary bills, or how many new starters you have this month.


However, that’s a snapshot in time. What if you want to see trends over specific time periods? Well, that’s where Insights comes in.


bob Insights gives you a super slick way to dig into your people data and see how things have changed over the last weeks, months or years.


You can define your own time period, and use filters (just like in the People directory) to slice and dice your employee data just about any way you like – and see it in a beautiful and interactive graph.




To find Insights:


  1. Log in to bob and go to ‘People’
  2. Select ‘Insights’
  3. Select which statistics you wish to view from headcount, joiners, leads or salary
  4. Change the time range, if needed
  5. Choose to view overall, by department, site, or even employment type
  6. Click on each bar in the graph to show more details in the table below


Voila! Detailed insights into your company, to view anytime, just for you.

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Manage Features

We understand, there’s a lot happening in bob these days. You’ve got oodles of functionality to choose from and you might not need to use all of it right now.


That’s where Manage Features comes in.


We’ve made it possible to turn on and off most of the features of bob with a single switch – and we say ‘most’ because everyone needs the People directory, so you won’t want to turn that off.



Using Manage Features:

It’s simple to switch any of your bob features on (or off)


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Manage Features from the top navigation bar
  3. Click the individual switch that you want to… …switch!


By the way – If you’ve been using a feature that you later decide you want to switch off, we’ll keep all of your data for that feature and it’ll be ready for you whenever you want to switch it back on again.


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