New stuff: Customise On-Boarding, Task Templates, & Holidays in Calendars

Customised On-Boarding

First impressions matter, so when a new employee joins your company (or you invite an older one to use bob), why not customise your welcome flow with your own video, need-to-know people, and more. It’s easy to do and makes a big difference.

Customised onboarding in bob
Brand your employees’ on-boarding experience

Log in to bob, go to Settings and choose Welcome Wizard, here you can edit the information employees will see when they first onboard (i.e when you invite them to bob)

Step-by-step instructions

Duplicate & Edit Task Templates

We’re all about making your life easier, and Task Templates do just that. Now you can duplicate and edit an existing Task Template – instead of setting each one up from scratch. Need slightly different on-boarding for different teams? No problem! Duplicate, rename and edit in a cinch.

Duplicate and edit bob task templates
Duplicate and edit bob task templates to save time

In your templates, just select the one you want to duplicate, rename it, and go in to edit the individual tasks. Easy-peasy.

All about task templates

Adding holiday requests to your work calendar

bob Time Off notification emails now include an ‘add to calendar’ button – automatically. So, when your holiday request is approved, you can pop it straight into your calendar with one click. The approver also has the option to add it to their calendar too, so you know, that they know, that you’re out.

bob adds your holidays to your work calendar easily
Add holidays to your work calendar with one click

‘Add to calendar’ announcement

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