We’re at it again! More improvements from bob.

At bob, our mission to eliminate HR hassle continues. This time, we’ve brought something new to the user profile.

Salary becomes ‘payroll info’

We’ve replaced the Salary tab in the User Card with a new Payroll Info tab. That means you can benefit from a whole lot more information on each employee.

Instead of just salary info, you now get to see all the financial benefits that your employees receive – salary (of course), overtime, commissions, bonuses – and any equity stake they may have in the business. You can also record and view employment type, right to work, deductions and entitlements.

These changes mean more flexibility for you and, you can also look at historical data too. So you can see how employees’ packages have changed over time.

Here’s a screenshot to give you a feel for how it looks:

New payroll section
More powerful payroll data

Hey presto, you can update their details easily, and come back and visit any time you want to see historical data.

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Change email addresses

While we’re talking change, here’s a bonus improvement from bob. Your employee’s email address used to be their unique identifier. That’s all changed now.

Change employee's email
Changing an email address in bob is easy

If someone gets married or wants to name themselves after their favourite football team, you can update the email address quickly and easily. 

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